TS-C 30-700/T-EN54
barcode 4 260590 180506

Sound column for Voice Alarm, 30W power, certified EN 54-24

Technical Data
Colour RAL 9006
Dimensions 700x100x92 mm
Dispersion -6dB, 500Hz h=360°, v=114°
Dispersion -6dB, 1KHz h=190°, v=50°
Dispersion -6dB, 2KHz h=160°, v=26°
Dispersion -6dB, 4KHz h=85°, v=13°
Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/1m 93,0 dB
Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/4m 81,0 dB
Frequency Range 230 - 16.500 Hz
Frequency Response 137 - 23.500 Hz
SPL IEC268-5, 1W/1m 93,0 dB
SPL EN54-24, Pmax/4m 96,7 dB
Power 30/15/7.5 W
TS-C 30-700/T-EN54
barcode 4 260590 180506
Mounting Instruction

Use a screwdriver for recessed head screws, Bit PH2.

  1. Mount the swivel bracket on the wall.
  2. Fit the sound column on the swivel bracket.
  3. Unscrew the base of the sound column.
  4. Insert the incoming cable through the cable gland and connect it to the terminal.
  5. Screw the base back onto the sound column.
Power Tappings
black brown red white
COM 30 15 7,5